IRIDE stands as one of the most prominent European #spaceprograms in the field of #EarthObservation. Its realization is set to occur in Italy through the Government’s initiative, leveraging resources from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (#PNRR) supplemented by the funds of the National Supplementary Plan (#PNC).

IRIDE is a satellite system which is expected to be operational by June 2026, under the coordination of the European Space Agency – ESA, with the involvement of the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana – ASI.
At OHB Italia, activities for the development of the first batch of 12 satellites, named “
#Eaglet2″, began last year; the industrial consortium led by OHB Italia also includes Telespazio, Optec and Aresys as main partners.

The development of the Flight Operation System (#FOS), used to manage the satellites during the calibration, acceptance and later operational life phases, is also underway. Eaglet II is designed to fly in a Low Earth Orbit (#LEO) at a nominal altitude of around 500 Km.
The satellites primary
#mission is to acquire #RGB images using an electro-optical payload designed by OHB Italia, with the data being downloaded with low latency to ground stations in X-Band. The secondary mission is to acquire and retransmit to ground #AIS (Automatic Identification System) messages to track maritime vessels.
IRIDE represents the key know-how development essential to meet increasingly difficult
#challenges in the global space system. It will help the Civil Protection Department and other administrations to manage hydrogeological instability and fires, to protect coastlines and to monitor critical infrastructure, air quality and weather conditions. Moreover, it will provide analytical #data for the development of commercial applications, all fundamental activities for a modern space-faring nation.

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