#IAC22 – ABSTRACT: Sample Transfer Arm Breadboard and Lander Evaluation (#STABLE)

Co-authors: OHB Italia / Leonardo (Program Prime Contractor)
Name of the session: 3B.
#MarsExploration – Science, Instruments and Technologies

In the frame of the #MarsSampleReturn mission preparation, OHB Italia designed, realized and tested the breadboard model of the #EndEffector, a key element of the presented Sample Transfer #Arm system, onboard the Sample Retrieval Lander.
The End-Effector original design relies on a passive grip concept, actuated through a cam-follower mechanism, allowing to both withstanding the higher insertion and extraction loads, and the soft handling required to manipulate the critical Martian sample tubes.

NOTE for photo/graphic:
“RSTA model courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech” according to the clearance between OHB Italia and NASA/JPL.
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