The Integration of MWI for MetOp SG is running fast at OHB Italia facilities

MWI instrument for MetOp Second Generation weather satellite is under integration phase in Milan, at OHB Italia premises.

The program of ESA and Eumetsat will make available in three years (launch planned in 2024) the most accurate weather forecasts ever had before.

MWI is a conically scanning microwave radiometer that will provide measure of precipitation, observations of clouds, snow, sea-ice coverage, water vapor, temperature and surface imagery. Delivery to the Mission Prime (Airbus) is planned in less than two years.

Currently, the final part of the EM (Engineering Model) integration is quickly progressing.

Incredible was the perfect fit, matching the very tight tolerance values, between the rotating and the fixed structures on the first try! OHB Italia MWI team was really satisfied for the important milestone reached.

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