The PRISMA Satellite, developed for #ASI– Agenzia Spaziale Italiana by #OHBItalia, focused this time its hyperspectral eye on the southern part of South America, just north of Cape Horn.
Located at the edge of the 
#TierradelFuego archipelago, the water masses of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans mix each other just in this peculiar area, infamously known for its dangers due to bad weather conditions and the presence of sea ice.
The most southern city in the world, 
#Ushuaia, is visible in the picture surrounded by Martial glaciers to the north. The runways of the Ushuaia-Malvinas-Argentinas airport are also visible on the small island in the Beagle Channel. The glaciers are particularly evident in the #visiblebands (false-colour image on the left).
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