Precious help for earthquakes comes also from #space. The PRISMA satellite, developed for Agenzia Spaziale Italiana by OHB Italia S.p.A., is monitoring the worst-hit areas of the terrible 7.8 magnitude earthquake which, on February 6, devastated part of southern #Turkey, bordering #Syria, with more than 19,000 casualties. 
This acquisition shows the city of
#Adana in the morning of February 8. The image on the left is an RGB processing, while the one on the right is a panchromatic image, in which the central Sabancı Mosque is visible.

According to INGV (National Institute of Physics and Volcanology) the earthquake released a thousand times the energy of the#Amatrice earthquake in 2016 and 30 times the one in #Irpinia in 1980. Further acquisitions are expected in the coming days, close to the epicenter area.
The relevance of
#satellites for #Earthobservation dramatically rises in the days following natural disasters. The earthquake on February 6 has turned the spotlight on how satellite images taken from space are useful for organising relief efforts and better assess damages on the territory.
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