Elisabetta has been working in OHB Italia for a very long time. Exactly #20years. In May 2022 she will celebrate her #anniversary.
She has a primary role inside the company: it is 20 years that she makes OHB Italia people
#travel all around the world. She knows all the secrets of her job, no one can arrange a trip without her #help.
“I can firmly say I know OHB Italia very well” – stated our travel arranger – “I know its roots, its origin, its history, I have been growing inside the company and at the same time I am proud to participate to the present and I hope to its future. My job is not boring at all, every day is very different from the other. The thing I love most? To find solutions to overcome quickly difficulties and unexpected circumstances in every trip. My problem-solving attitude and fast reaction helped me in several situations. Moreover, I personally know all the people inside the company and it allowed me to understand very deeply the reality in which I am working for. Thanks to OHB Italia to give me the opportunity to have a special and spAcial working position!
Even if I am not directly involved in Space-jobs, I can say anyway
#TOGETHER.We.Create.Space (and much more!)”
 #opportunity #specialpeople #future #strongprofessionalattitude