From 1st to 3rd of December, the New Space Economy European Expoforum (#NSE) will be held at #FieradiRoma. It is organised by the Amaldi Foundation and Fiera di Roma with the support of ASI and ICE.
The event will offer a #strategicview of the space sector’ fast growing development, of the space impacts on everyday life, of the importance of space to create a sustainable society for the #newgenerations.
During the three days institutions, international organisations, space agencies, research centres, universities and the major industrial players together with innovative small and medium-sized enterprises will discuss and focus on #sustainability as the ‘ #gamechanger‘ of the New Space Economy.
Around 80 speakers from the space and non-space sectors will take part to the NSE 2022 #ScientificConference, sharing their experiences and knowledge on the four topics identified as priorities: #ChangingEarth, #HumanHealth, #SpacePollution and #SpaceVentures.

#OHB Italia is involved in the relevant discussion on #SpaceWeather. Our Managing Director, #RobertoAceti, will be a speaker in the corresponding round table, held on the 2nd of December at 17.00.
Space Weather refers to variations in the #spaceenvironment between the Sun and the Earth (and throughout the #SolarSystem) that can affect technologies both in #Space and on our #Planet. These changes are mainly due to solar storms phenomena that includes solar corona eruptions, flares, particle emissions and solar wind. They can occur in various regions of the Sun’s surface but only those directed towards the #Earth can produce the described effects on human activity. A deep investigation of #solarstorms is therefore fundamental for developing accurate space weather predictions.

See you soon at Fiera di Roma, on 2nd of December at 17.00 with OHB Italia: SPACE WEATHER – EFFECTS AND THREATS
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