OHB Italia S.p.A. @ NSE-New Space Expoforum

It was really an interesting speech the one given yesterday by our CEO Roberto Aceti. The location was #NSE-New Space Economy ExpoForum in Rome. The ‘frame’ was the roundtable on “Space Domain” moderated by science journalist Giovanni Caprara.

The focus was on the great relevance of #spacesecurity and the fundamental contribution provided by OHB Italia through the #Flyeye telescope in the field of Space Situational Awareness (#SSA) and Space Surveillance and Tracking (#SST).

Space has become an increasingly congested environment in recent decades due to the growing number of satellites and orbital debris. This increase in space traffic brings with it new #challenges and threats to the security of assets in space, both governmental and commercial. This is where the crucial role of OHB Italy and the Flyeye telescope comes in.

The Flyeye telescope is an innovative, state-of-the-art project that represents a significant step forward in space observation. This advanced system is designed to conduct constant and accurate observations of space debris, satellites and other objects in low Earth orbit. But what are the main contributions of OHB Italia and the Flyeye telescope to space security.

  1. The Flyeye telescope offers a constant, daily #surveillance capability of low Earth orbit. This means that it can detect any moving object, monitor potential threats in real time, avoid collisions and hereto reduce risks of generating further debris.
  2. The Flyeye telescope is characterised by extraordinary #precision in detecting objects in space and it is crucial to identify #threats not only to operational satellites but also to human activities in space.
  3. The Flyeye telescope has the ability to #track and #monitor the trajectories of objects in space over time, essential to preserve the safety of space infrastructure and the continuity of satellite operations.

In conclusion the Flyeye telescope of OHB Italia represents a #milestone in Space Situational Awareness and Space Surveillance and Tracking to guarantee the #spaceenvironment for generations to come.