EUCLID mission: contract signed for the realization of two scientific instruments

OHB Italia was awarded a contract from the Italian Space Agency (ASI) for the realization of two scientific instruments, the VIS (visual Imager) and NISP (near-infrared spectrometrer and photometer) instruments for the phase D of the Euclid mission.

Euclid is an ESA medium class astronomy and astrophysics space mission. It was selected by ESA in October 2011 and its launch is planned for 2021. The Euclid mission aims at understanding why the expansion of the Universe is accelerating and what is the nature of the source responsible for this acceleration which physicists refer to as dark energy.

Dark energy represents around 75% of the energy content of the Universe today, and together with dark matter it dominates the Universes’ matter-energy content. Both are mysterious and of unknown nature but control the past, present and future evolution of Universe.