The #FLYEYE Telescope and the 25.000 potentially dangerous asteroids around the Earth on COSMO Magazine

Yes, it’s true: for the US National Congress the dangerous objects orbiting around our Planet during 15-years observations are much more than we could imagine.
That’s why a modern telescope like FLYEYE, developed by OHB Italia, is becoming more and more important for our daily life.
FLYEYE is an innovative telescope, which can expand its field of view by dividing it into 16 smaller sub-images thanks to multiple cameras and multiple optics, just like the EYE of a FLY.
FLYEYE will monitor space debris and celestial bodies threatening low orbit and our Planet. With this instrument, a real example of Italian excellence in science and technology, the smallest asteroids below the dimensions of 100 metres will be tracked by scanning the sky three times per night.
The telescope will be installed on the Madonie Mountains in Sicily starting from 2023, it is 7m height, weighs 25 tons and the second FLYEYE model will be realized by OHB Italia next year. Another “Big Eye” will be soon watching you…

Read more here below (COSMO Magazine August – September 2021)
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