Solar Orbiter is on its way and METIS was successfully switched on. Proud moment for OHB Italia

On 28th February at 04.16pm, from Darmstadt in Germany (the ESA Control Center), the multi-wavelength coronagraph METIS developed by OHB Italia was successfully switched on.

Everything was fine and the instrument that will observe for the first time in human history the structure and the dynamics of the full corona, took the first in-flight VL (visible) and UV (ultraviolet) images. Then it was switched off on 07.25pm.

METIS now is 145.608.488 Km far from the Sun and 11.510.520 km far from our Planet.

Next step: on 13th March METIS will face the first light with the opening of the revolving door that now is covering the telescope. Another great milestone to achieve.