Regional Minister Guido Guidesi with LAC in OHB Italia to appreciate the high level of space activities and technologies in Lombardia

Today LAC (Lombardia Aerospace Cluster) invited Mr. Guido Guidesi, Minister of Economic Development in the Lombardia Region, on a tour of the key aerospace production activities of the territory. A whole day of confrontation with one of the most technologically advanced industries in Europe with 6 billion as annual turnover and a share of over 30% of total national exports. Angelo Vallerani, President of LAC and Institutional Relations Manager in OHB Italia underlined how “our technological capabilities are among the best in the world. We are enablers of progress, development, sustainability and security”.

During the visit in OHB Italia facility in Milan, Regional Minister Guidesi was positively impressed from the innovation culture, from the high technological facilities, from the qualified staff and for the future-oriented products and technologies available in OHB Italia HQs.

“I found a company that is strictly linked to the territory, but with an international business vocation. OHB Italia is one of the main space excellences in Italy and we are very proud it is located in Lombardia. Meetings like these” – declared the head of Lombardy’s Economic Development -“represent very important opportunities to discuss on companies’ needs and viceversa to introduce the tools and instruments that the Region makes available to them”.

Mr. Aceti, OHB Italia Managing Director, was very pleased and honoured to receive the institutional visit of the Regional Minister Guidesi: “It a sign of closeness from the Lombardy Region to all those who work in the space field to create high-level job placements in our Region. We had the opportunity to explain our projects and our targets, for which we require the strong support of the institutions especially in this post-pandemic and ‘relaunch’ phase. Space technology is more and more near to the citizens’ daily life and we have to improve together the welfare of our territories”.
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