PRISMA Satellite successfully launched

Starting last night, PRISMA satellite has begun its mission orbiting Earth. Its hyperspectral eyes will soon observe and acquire new images of Earth giving insight into its natural resources. Using the VEGA launcher, it took off from the European base of Kourou in French Guyana at 2.50 am GMT+1.

PRISMA is a program funded by ASI and represents a global excellence, which highlights the capabilities of Italy to provide a “turn-key” space system, from planning to implementation, from launching to ground data management. PRISMA was developed by a Temporary Joint Venture of companies, led by OHB Italy, responsible for the mission and management of the three main segments (land, flight and launch), and Leonardo, which built the electro-optical instrumentation.

Mr. Aceti, Managing Director at OHB Italia, said “Thanks to the intense activity of our team, PRISMA finally reaches its orbit from where it will provide innovative data that will revolutionize the very concept of services from space for the benefit of institutions and citizens.”