PRISMA: 27.000 images available to community – The greatest milestone of OHB Italia

The PRISMA Satellite, developed by OHB Italia together with Leonardo, is successfully orbiting since March 2019 and starting from May, 21th 2020 all the 27.000 images collected during this year are now openly available. On this subject ASI has recently decided to open the PRISMA catalogue of images to the scientific, institutional, and industrial community, both in Italy and abroad. OHB Italia is pleased of such decision.

PRISMA is a unique project, one of a kind satellites, fully realized with Italian technology and know-how. It is capable of performing from space a chemical and physical analysis of the soil and atmosphere.
“The innovative data that PRISMA is generating will now stimulate new services from space for the benefit of institutions and citizens providing an outstanding contribution to our planet sustainability” – stated Roberto Aceti, Managing Director of OHB Italia.

ASI through its web portal ensures free access of all the 27.000 images to the whole users after a simple registration.