OHB Italia in the shortlist of companies selected by ASI for the “Future Cubesat Missions” tender.

After the ASI technical evaluation OHB Italia ranked in the top three companies for the award of a Cubesat Mission: an excellent result achieved by the whole team composed of OHB Italia as Prime Contractor, Aresys, Airbus Italia and Politecnico of Milano.
The technology offered is called SATURN (Synthetic AperTure radar cUbesat foRmation flyiNg), consisting of a train of 3, 16U-CubeSats equipped with miniaturized SAR instruments.
The main target of the SATURN mission is to demonstrate the key technology “Cooperative Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) Swarms of SAR CubeSats” for innovative, low cost and versatile Earth Observation capabilities.
SATURN aims to become the first ever Space SAR MIMO mission, providing: Single Pass Interferometric Observation, Modular Performance, Constellation of Swarms.
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