OHB ITALIA as Key Player for Fondoimpresa on

Fondoimpresa (Interprofessional Fund of Confindustria and Cgil, Cisl, Uil for life-long and continuing education) selected OHB Italia as one of the best practices in the field of innovation and internal training investment.

OHB Italia – as reported on the website ‘’- was able to maintain a leading position in the space market and a very-high level of qualified technical skills thanks also to 4.500 yearly hours of ad hoc training.

“Our primary objective – explained Raffaele Staffiere, head of human resources – is to equip our employees with specific know-how and the technical skills required by our work orders. For this reason, the training we offer is characterized by a very strong ‘customization’: the training courses are designed in a tailored way, suited for each specialist and therefore the selection of trainers is fundamental. This is how OHB Italia has become one of the Italian key players of important and cutting edge space missions.”