Do you remember the first picture of our new Manufacturing Facility in clean environment? 360 square metres of “lunar-like landscape”…

Now, after only three months, it was transformed in a Class ISO8 certified laboratory full of operational working areas and a large open space with workstations for production, integration and testing of equipment, mechanisms and instruments.
Moreover, an ISO5 tent was installed to be dedicated to treatments’ area and used for work on parts with high cleanliness requirements like optics.

But the real flagship is a fully automated warehouse system with detailed traceability: it will track the components through all the manufacturing phases, from purchasing to the final product.
It is an automatic vertical rotary warehouse interfaced with the material management system. In few words, the system gives notice to the operators where the parts to be found are placed and it presents them automatically.

“This new cleanroom in Milan is a very important asset for OHB Italia” – said Roberto Aceti, Managing Director of the Italian subsidiary – “This high-tech facility will rationalize our production, allowing us to be once again more competitive”.
That’s a new important chapter in OHB Italia evolving story…
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