New #Eaglet2 satellite emblem

OHB Italia S.p.A. would like to share with all of you the new #Eaglet2 satellite emblem. This is our proud contribution to #IrideConstellation, which is among the most important European Space programs for Earth Observation in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

The eaglet in the nature wildlife shows a very sharp #eyesight, likewise our High Resolution Multispectral satellites Eaglet 2. Through an electro-optical payload, designed by OHB Italia, it is acquiring RGB images and AIS data for ship monitoring.

Our eaglet is looking toward the #future, as OHB Italia has been doing since its foundation. We want to bring prestige to our Country and value to our Stakeholders maintaining a very high level of technical excellence and making us a reliable partner for our customers, always with a step forward into #innovation.

We really create space!
IRIDE stands as one of the most prominent European space programs in the field of Earth observation. Its realization is set to occur in Italy through the Government’s initiative, leveraging resources from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (#PNRR) supplemented by the funds of the National Supplementary Plan (#PNC). IRIDE is a satellite system which is expected to be operational by June 2026, under the coordination of the European Space Agency – ESA, with the involvement of the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana.
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