Nano-sat EAGLET 1 successfully launched

The EAGLET 1 satellite, the first nano-sat prototype for Earth Observation and maritime surveillance from OHB Italia was successfully launched yesterday from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, US, on-board a Falcon 9 launcher in SSO-A mission from SpaceX.

EAGLET 1 is a 3U+CubeSat satellite which will be placed in sun-synchronous orbit at 575 km altitude; it embarks two payloads:

  • a high resolution optical payload which will acquire panchromatic images;
  • a payload, able to receive and rely to the ground the AIS signals (ship position, track, destination and other data) transmitted by vessels in the area covered by the satellite.

The EAGLET 1 satellite will be located in the Lower Fry Flyer (MPC) inside the Falcon 9 fairing and its release into orbit will take place in the last phase of mission, after the release of the primary load and the first release of secondary payloads.