LISA Pathfinder – Delivered the inertial sensors

On last November 3rd, 2014, CGS SpA Compagnia Generale per lo Spazio celebrated the delivery to the European Space Agency (ESA) of the inertial sensors of the LISA Pathfinder mission.

LISA Pathfinder is a decisive step towards the realization of the first space observatory for gravitational waves which will reshape our understanding of the Universe. The inertial sensors, which are the heart of the high-precision metrology required for the observatory, have been realized by CGS on funding from the Italian Space Agency (ASI). The sensors have been designed by scientists from the University of Trento and from the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN).

The event included a round table with the participation of top level speakers from ASI, ESA, INFN and University of Trento as well as representatives from the institutions and the scientific world.