The LARES 2 System was developed by #OHBItalia, under the flag and the coordination of the Italian Space Agency ( #ASI).
The Launch Preparation Activities of the satellite from the European spaceport of 
#Kourou in French Guiana, are proceeding very fast. The test campaign is going on as the scheduled calendar, in particular:
·        The cubesat dipensers integration activities are concluded 
·        The satellite was installed on the payload adapter
·        The combined test on the payload adapter were terminated.
The spherical passive satellite made of high-density nickel alloy (424 mm in diameter and 300 kg in mass), on which 303 CCR 
#retroreflectors have been installed, is ready to inaugurate the new ESA’s launcher VEGA C built by #AVIO, on its #maidenflight scheduled on the 7th July 2022.
LARES II will offer to the science community the chance to verify the Einstein’s 
#relativisticlaws and also to provide a very accurate determination of the Earth #gravitomagneticfield through the visualization of Lense-Thirring effect, a relativistic correction to the precession of a #gyroscope near a large rotating mass such as the #Earth.
Next updates on Lares 2 will follow soon!
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