PRISMA, is the first European #Satellite with an hyperspectral instrument and panchromatic camera on board, developed for the Italian Space Agency ( #ASI) by a consortium with#OHBItalia S.p.A. as Prime Contractor. After the launch it is acquiring more and more significant data on our #Planet.

The image shows Lagos city in Nigeria with two elaborations related to the #visible and #infraredchannel. The megacity emerged as a port city of the Benin Empire that originated on a collection of islands.

Lagos is the largest city in the Country with a population of more than 15 million in 2022 and currently still growing due to its important economic role played in the area and for the entire#Continent.
Near the center of the image it is possible to observe the port area in the Lagos Lagoon, which covers large areas of the coastal islands. The #infraredimage highlights several channels used for navigation along the coastline, which appear darker in the image on the right.

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