ASIM planned for launch on April, 2nd 2018

The last preparations are well underway at Cape Canaveral in Florida for the next launch of the space project ASIM (Atmospheric Space Interactions Monitoring), a mission of the European Space Agency (ESA), planned on April 2nd, 2018 at 4.30 pm local time (10.30 pm Central European Time).

ASIM is an observatory which will be mounted outside on the International Space Station (ISS), and which will be used to study high-altitude electrical discharges in the stratosphere and mesosphere above severe thunderstorms, the so-called red sprites, blue jets, haloes, and elves, and monitor X-ray and Gamma-ray flashes. A knowledge which can be used to identify climate processes in the atmosphere and improve climate models for the Earth.

In the frame of this mission, OHB Italia has been in charge of the support to system design, the system integration and validation, the software development and the data handling & power distribution unit development.