ASI President visits OHB Italia

The visit of ASI President, Mr. G. Saccoccia, at OHB Italia HQs in Milan yesterday 24th 02.2021 confirmed the strong, deep and long-lasting cooperation between our company and the Italian Space Agency, third contributor to the European Space Agency and one of the most significant players in the world in space science, satellite technologies and mobile systems for exploring the Universe.

The agenda was very full and rich of interesting themes. Mr. R. Aceti, CEO of OHB Italia offered a detailed overview of our articulated business, projects, next challenges and led the President on a tour of our high-technological laboratories and Clean Room facilities.

“We were very proud for this eminent visit” – declared CEO Roberto Aceti – ” We hope it could strengthen even more our cooperation with the national Space Agency. Mr. Saccoccia yesterday could effectively realize and appreciate the activity of OHB Italia as performing space system integrator at multiple levels.”