OHB Italia with Chiara Pini – Fabio Tominetti and Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo Da Vinci together for the event “Fragility and Beauty – Taking the pulse of our planet from space”.
It is a guided tour on Space topics at the Museum in Milan dedicated to secondary school students and teachers. Moreover they will visit the ESA exhibition ‘Fragility & Beauty’, entirely dedicated to the observation and study of the Earth from Space. Thanks to interactive stations and spectacular images taken by the most important satellites currently operating, they will discover how space technologies are involved in our daily life and how our beloved Planet from outside appears extremely beautiful but at the same time very fragile.

At the end of the meeting the visitors will look closely the sophisticated space equipment developed by OHB Italia for important past, present and future missions.

All the activities organized during the day are available at the following link:

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