MetOp SG / Launch Locking Device (LLD) Assembly for MWI instrument

OHB Italia realized MWI LLDs that will fly on the MetOp-SG.

They are 4 not standard Launch Locking Devices, the main structural load path for the Instrument Rotating Part (IRP) in locked configuration; The instrument mass to be locked is at launch 160 kg, LLDs will release the IRP on orbit when each of them receives an electrical signal.

Under a programme of and funded by the European Space Agency. The view expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Space Agency


12 LLD for the three MWI models
(FM1, FM2, FM3)


It controls all the activities on the EnMAP satellite as Power conditioning and distribution, Data handling, Attitude and orbit control and Payload operations.
On Board TC and TM management.
Attitude and orbit determination and control.


H/K acquisition
Battery charger
Solar panels power control
Power conversion and distribution
DSP 21020 processor @ 15 MHz
10 Mbyte SRAM, 6 Mbyte EEPROM Mass Memory
21 Kg, 65 W, 509 x 279 x 249 mm